The End…

This is my last reflection about the Call course. Now our school is about to finish. I didn’t realize, but the time went quickly. It was a hard time for me I had many duties to do during this time. But now the school is about to finish.

At the beginning of this semester I had worries about the new Call Course, because I hadn’t   much knowledge about technology, internet and computers. Each week of the lesson I realized that I improved myself in terms of technology. I learned many new programmes from this course. All I have learned so far are beneficial for my life as a teacher. I think this course is necessary; every student should have the opportunity to learn the benefits of this course.

Before this course my knowledge about internet and programmes was insufficient, but now I think that I have learnt many new and useful things. I think that I have improved myself. Sometimes I had difficulties about my weekly tasks, but with patient and some research I achieved to do all my tasks.

I think that I will use the programmes we have learnt so far in many areas. I have seen that there are many ways to create an interesting classroom. As a prospective English teacher I will benefit from these programmes. Before the course I wasn’t aware of these programmes, but now I’m very happy about the programmes I have learnt.

I hope this knowledge I have learnt through this course will help me to be a well equipped teacher.


Week twelve

This week was our last lesson. We learned today weebly and about second life. Weebley is a web page we can create through weebly our own we page. Our final project is to preapre a web page through weebly.

Then we learned Second life it is like sims but more realistic. In second life you can give conferances like in the real life. You can use it also for a project in the classroom. I liked it very much. 

Week eleven

The topics of today’s lesson were Podcasts and Audioboo. I heard the names of the topics for the first time. 

Firstly I want to talk about the podcasts. There are four types of podcasts these are Authentic podcasts, Teacher podcasts, Student podcasts and Educator podcasts.                A podcast is a type of digital media consisting of an episodic series of audio radio, video, PDF, or files subscribed to and downloaded through online to a computer or mobile device.

The second topic we talked about was Audioboo. It is also a radio programme. Audioboo is a website which allows users to post and share sound files. Our weeks task is to record our voice by using this programme

Week ten

I couldn’t attend the lesson this week. But I learned that the topics of the day were Storyjumper and Moviemaker.

I know the Moviemaker but the Storyjumper is new for me. Our duties for these week were to create a story on Moviemaker and to create a book on Storyjumper.

Last year we preapred a story on Moviemaker so was familiar with it. I think the programme is very enjoyable.

I used the Storyjumper for the first time. I liked it very much. I enjoyed creating a book on Storyjumper. I hope to use these programmes often in the future.

Week nine

Today the topic were Facebook and Twitter. We talked about the benefits of facebook and twitter. The teacher told us that facebook and twitter can useful if it’s used properly.

I have already a Facebook account, I use it frequently. But I didin’t have a twitter acount. I opend now a twitter account I hope I can use it for useful purposes. I don’t know how to use it but I hope to learn it soon.






Week eight

Today we talked about two new topics. Online Conference and wiziQ.

 I think the wiziQ is an useful programe.It is a programe where you can learn and teach live. Graduate students for example, can share videous or share their thoughts or anything else on wiziQ. It is a free programe you need only to join in wiziQ.

In wiziQ there is a white board. During the lesson the students can chat near the board. The members of the group can use the board and the whole class can see what they do. The students can ask questions and you can see it on the whiteboard. 

I think the wiziQ is an useful programe for a teacher because during your lesson you can see students questions and their thoughts.

Week Seven

The themes of todays lesson were Nicenet and Campus Dokeous. I was unfamililar to these programmes, I heard it for the first time.

First we talked about the Nicenet. Nicenet is an internet calssroom assistant. It’s free to use. In Nicenet you can’t share files or videous. It’s a programme where you can discuss and share you thoughts.

I think it’s an useful programme both for the teachers and students. Teacher can through Nicenet provide their students with reading materials and informations. Students can for example submit homework and addlinks to the web. Everyone who signs in Nicenet can take parts in discussions.

Another programme we talked about was Campus Dokeos. This is a programme that can be used to offer any course which aims to benefit from online education. It enables the teacher to organise teaching using the features such as blogs, chats and forums.The teacher can decide on the features according to students needs. I think the main advantage of dokeous is that it provides free campus, where the teacher can register and create a course in less then a minute with almost no technical knowledge.

I think these programmes we learned today are very useful. Both for the teachers and students. I hope to use these programmes soon.

Week six

Today’s topic was Prezi. We learned today the programme Prezi. I heard the name for the first time. The teacher showed us how to sign up in Prezi and how to use it.

From this lesson, I learned that Prezi is a presentation tool. Prezi is similliar to Powerpoint you can create presentations with rich visualization.

Prezi differs from Powerpoint in that it is a web-based programme. It allows you to incooperate not only text and pictures, but videous and other presentation objects. you can create your presentation online and then download the final product so that you don’t require an internet connection to display the presentation.

Prezi requires a membership, but it’s free.

I think it’s an useful programme in terms of education. Teacher and student can create in all areas they need a pesentation. Through Prezi you can follow the presentations. 

Week five

Today we have learned many new programmes. Today’s topic was mobile learning. Through this lesson I have learned that the mobile phone can have many benefits in our daily lifes.

One of the programmes we talked about was the Press Reader. When we download this programme we can read various newspapers around the world.

The next programme we talked about was Skype. I already knew Skype, I have a Skype accont. It’s similiar to the Messenger.

Then we talked about some dictionaries like Merriam Webster and the Oxford advaced dictionary. The Merriam Webster is an english to english dictionary. It is online dictionary. You can listen the pronunciation of words. You can find the synonym or antonym meaning of the words. The Oxford advance dictionary is an useful dictionary but it’s not free.

After having talked about dictionaries we talked about the Adiko Book Reader. When you download this programme you can read various books you like.

Then we talked about Edmodo. I have learned that Edmodo is like facebook you can share videos and comment on your friends views.

The next programme was Socrativ Teacher. In this programe a teacher can share some questions and students can answer these quetions by entering the group.

Then the teacher mentioned the Dropbox. You can download documentary or report in your dropbox. You can download your documentaries from your computer to your dropbox in your phone.

We talked also about the Flipboard. You can connect you Flipboard with your Facebook or Twitter when you have one.

One of these programmes we learned was the feedly google reader. Through this programme you can add your friend blog’s.

We talked also about Youtube and Twitter which is commonly known by everyone.

In these week we talked about many new and useful programmes I hope to use these programmes soon.


Week Four

Today was the fourth week of the lesson. I think so far we have learned many intersting and new themes, which I was unfamiliar before.

The topic of todays lesson was creating and joining groups online. Firstly the teacher asked us whether we were a memeber of any groups on the internet. We talked about the groups mentioned by the class. Then teacher introduced us Google Groups, Yahoo Groups and the Facebook groups.  I was familiar to Facebook groups and Google groups but I was unfamiliar to Yahoo groups. I have heard the name of it, but haven’t used it for any purposes.

The teacher showed us how to create the groups. Then he told us about it’s usage and for what purposes we could use it. Through these groups we can add our friends and share somenthing, you can create your own groupe. 

Generally I knew these groups but in this lesson I learned new things about them and their usage. I hope to use these informations soon.